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Live food for your pets 
in Nuneaton

Do you want to buy live feed for your pet lizard?


Why not visit our store to take a look at the products we have?


Get in touch for more details.


Quality live food products in Warwickshire

Are you looking for premium quality food for your reptile? Visit Nuneaton Reptiles and Exotics and choose from a range of excellent quality food. We give the utmost importance to quality; that’s why we source animal feed such as mice from DEFRA registered breeders, and insects for pet food from UK farms. 

If you own an exotic pet, it is important to understand their nutritional needs and how often you need to feed them. Feel free to talk to our staff and we will be happy to answer your queries.

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Reptile Terrarium

We also stock animal habitats

At Nuneaton Reptiles and Exotics, we supply animal habitats such as vivariums and terrariums. We also stock a huge collection of accessories which are suitable for different habitats.


From electrical equipment such as heat mats and lamps to lighting and thermostats, we have it all. You can also buy substrates, and artificial and live plants to make the habitat more comfortable for your pet.


We source products from reputable brands including

  • Exo Terra

  • ProRep

  • Komodo

  • Arcadia

  • Lucky Reptile

  • Zoo Med

  • Pangea

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Animal Accessories: Testimonials

Fantastic staff and service, very knowledgeable and helpful. Everything is reasonably priced too. Brought my leopard gecko back in October and he is absolutely perfect, healthy and thriving.


Would highly recommend to anyone.

If you're looking to buy a terrarium or vivarium in Nuneaton or anywhere in Warwickshire, visit us today.

Call us on 
024 7798 3286

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